Custom Glass Inlays for the Memorial Industry

GlassAct Studios is introducing custom made glass inlays for the memorial industry. Finally a product that addresses the need for permanent color on granite!

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Why Stained Glass?

Granite withheld the test of time because it is impervious to weather and normal wear in the cemeteries. Unfortunately, the paint or stain used to enhance the letters, numbers, and designs on today's granite, have a life expectancy of 2 to maybe 8 years.

Simply put, stained glass will never fade. We installed our first sample gravestone twelve years ago. We've tested our inlays to extremes that monuments will never face. In some ways, our finished product is even tougher than the carved granite itself.

Our Catalog

We have hundreds and hundreds of finished designs that are ready to be manufactured. Many monument companies are ordering finished designs from our catalog, or have their favorite sandblasting designs changed to color glass inlays.